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Tango Argentino Punks & Freaks
Who iz tango punx? What iz it? — I'd Яead.
Iz t-punx an tango dansing punx & ozer freax? Or it's ultimate tango-nuevo dancerz? Or dancerz who dance tango some wrong way, using trax of Metallica and Exploited?

I realy don't know. And i don't care.

I'm not a big rebel and antisocial, i beat no children and steal not gold earrings from grandma's jewelbox. But ozer call me punk. I dance tango. I love it.

So, when i hear "tangopunk" — it's mean for me some of dancing madness i love, and some of feck off tango-snobs, and some of crazy fun tango iz.

I know, i'm not alone. There iz stensilz in Barselona wis dansing punx, and fun boy in Moscow, who dance in stripped sailor vest wis word "TANGO" cuted srough vest's back, and...

If U are ze same — U are WELCOME.

Social capital

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